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Secure destruction and disposal

Sensitive and confidential documents, Electronic media.

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We offer a range or services for organizations, companies, or homes.

Reduce the risk of privacy breach

Your information and data won’t fall in the wrong hands. We comply with professional standards, laws and regulations.

Above all, we care for the environment

We are proud to offer environmentally-friendly services. Shredded material is recycled on a daily basis.

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Certificate of Destruction

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We are ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Compliant.


We ensure that the highest standards for information security and quality management systems is maintained and applied towards the destruction of confidential documents.

ISO 9001 & 27001 help us manage information security and to consistently improve our information system (ISMS)- the aim of which is to guide organizations to bullet-proof the security of their information.

Storage Options

We offer safe lockable bins for the on-site storage of your confidential and sensitive content, until our scheduled appointments.


GDPR requires the use of lockable on-site storage for your documents containing sensitive information and confidential content, until our scheduled appointments.

In order to dispose your unwanted confidential documents, you can store them in confidential waste bins, or you can simply use, free of charge, our safe lockable bins – sizes of 120L and 240L – or even 90L locking consoles for this purpose.

In order to accommodate to your needs, we can even provide you with heavy duty 44L sacks and ties, in case you don’t have space for on-site storage.

Certificate of Destruction

Although you witness first-hand the destruction of your documents, with your very own eyes, it is imperative to record an audit trail in order to safeguard the integrity of your business.


A Certificate of Destruction contains detailed information about the destruction of your unwanted and confidential documents. We issue and annual Certificate of Destruction for all our regular clients as well as issue, at each visit, a company’s waybill notes – individual Waste Transfer Notes.

Our Services

Document destruction is immediate, quick and secure. 

On-site Document Destruction

We come to you when you need us.


Our driver will arrive at your company’s site or warehouse and collect the bins to be shredded.

The bins are then delivered to Proshred’s secure Mobile Shredding Unit (a specialised mobile shredding truck unit approved with EU standards), and in turn are emptied mechanically into the Mobile Shredding Unit and destroyed onsite.

All the material that is collected is processed in adherence to the high standard Proshred workflow – meaning they are irrecoverably destroyed. We provide 100% certainty that the information cannot be retrieved from the collected material that is shredded in our unit. We then issue a Certificate of Destruction for all shredded documents, as a proof and confirmation that the collected material have been destroyed, in a secure and safe way. The shredded documents are then recycled, preserving our environmentally friendly and sustainable principles.

One-time Shredding

One-time cleanout shredding.


The service of one-time cleanout shredding is aimed for residents and businesses who simply require a one-off clean-out of their papers they do not want. It does not matter whether it is just a few boxes containing documents that you need shredding or whether it is an entire big warehouse that is piled up with unwanted documents containing confidential information.

Proshred’s on-site truck will arrive at the designated location and proceed with the destruction and shredding of your documents, in a time-efficient manner.

Our team will be in and out of your facilities in no time and will ensure that all the confidential documents are securely destroyed.

Monthly Shredding

Regular mobile on-site shredding visits.


Having Proshred’s regular mobile on-site shredding visit will prevent you from stacking up a pile of documents, and at the same time, will save you space for storage and keep your office organised and tidy.

Proshred can give you 100% assurance and guarantee that your documents are completely destroyed, as you will witness their shredding first-hand by Proshred’s top-tier shredder.


Drop-Off Shredding

We offer an extended service for witnessed drop-off shredding.


Our company specializes in the safe destruction and shredding of documents not only for businesses but also for government organizations as well.

We understand that in certain situations you would like your confidential documents or other documents with certain information to be 100% destroyed the soonest possible.

This is why we also offer to residential customers our extended services for witnessed drop-off shredding. All you have to do is to come to us and simply drop the documents you need shredding.

hard drive destruct

Hard Drive and Electronic Data Destruction

Stored information is fully and safely destroyed.


With this service, any data and information of a sensitive nature or contains confidential and private information, including certain emails, or financial data, remain secure and safe, preventing any unwanted access, such as from hackers.  

Simply deleting information from a hard drive no longer suffices, as the data is still accessible and can be retrieved from anyone who is skilled enough to do so. Using a hard drive destruction service is the only safe and guaranteed way to ensure that any data and information stored in your hard drive cannot be accessed by anyone ever again.

With the service of hard drive destruction, you can be rest assured that all stored information is completely and safely destroyed. A guaranteed hard drive disposal ensures that nobody can access nor steal information from the hard drive.

Our team’s skilled professionals in hard drive disposal will arrive at your business premises to pick up your hard drive. To ease the process, we can even come to you, with our mobile hard drive destruction, if you simply want the hard drive to remain with you until it is completely and safely destroyed.

This on-site and mobile hard drive destruction can occur at your business facility and location, where you can see the proper destruction of your hard drives, first-hand. More than peace of mind, we will even issue a detailed Certificate of Destruction indicating the exact date and time of your hard drive pickup, confirming that your information is no longer at risk.

Appointment Document Destruction

We offer lockable bins for rent or purchase.


Our company offers, for rent or purchase, lockable bins to offices, companies and homes as well as with sacks and ties soon. We can also schedule an appointment if you require our for one-time shredding service.

Benefits Of On-Site Shredding

Cost Effectiveness

With a mobile shredding service provider, you don’t need to invest in an office shredder or worry about repair cost or downtime. You don’t need to give up office space for the shredder or office time for an associate to spending shredding your records.


Our company will provide you with locked document collection cabinets or bins conveniently located in your office so that your documents are secure until our mobile unit arrives to shred them.


For some seasons you’ll have more paper to shred than other seasons. On-site shredder can adapt to meet your needs, varying amounts, schedules and locations. Need your shredder to show up once a week during tax season? We will work you in. Our mobile shredding unit offers one-time shredding services or regularly scheduled services, whether you need shredding once a week, once every two weeks or once a month.

Saves Time and Money

It is much cheaper to hire a shredding service. A professional service can shred in minutes what would take your employees days to complete by sitting in front of a shredder and feed a couple of sheets of paper at a time into a small shredder. The cost is what that employee could be doing to grow your business or service customers instead of sitting in front to the shredder.

Environmental Benefits

A professional shredding service will recycle all of the paper that they destroy. That shredder paper is used to make other paper products.

Legal Compliance

Outsourcing your document destruction to a professional mobile unit helps you be compliant with the law (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation). Our company also provides you with Certificates of Destruction documents.

About Us

Our Story

It all began back in February 2015. Since then, we have helped thousands of businesses, warehouses and homes keep their confidential paper documents secure and safe. Our clients are diverse – in the fields of insurance, banking, law, accountancy and more. 

Our Mission

At Proshred, our principal objective is to ensure that our clients’ confidential information remains safe and to completely prevent any risk of identity theft and fraud. We supervise all the stages through destruction and ensure a high level of security from document collection to destruction or recycling.

We advise

To protect and secure your information and data from any possible identity theft and fraud, it is highly advisable to shred documents of a personal or financial nature. We give examples below. 


♦ Credit and Debit Card Statements

♦ Documents of a Financial Nature

♦ Invoices and Receipts

♦ Insurance Policy Documents

♦ Job and Employment Applications

♦ Legal and Professional Documents

♦ Medical Records

♦ Photographs

♦ Signatures

♦ Social Security Numbers

♦ Tax Records

♦ Telephone Numbers


Satisfaction Guaranteed

How It Works


Reach out

We will help you identify your business needs.


We’ll set it up

We will bring secured lockable containers at your location.



Our mobile shredder will take care of the destruction of your business documents. 



We will issue you a Certificate of Destruction. 

We can assist you with GDPR

Are you GDPR ready?

The date of 25th May 2018 marks a turning point and a milestone for the Data Protection Act and gave birth to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR gives all EU citizens more control over their own personal data and regulates the handling of all personal information in whatever format. All businesses must internally review their policies and systems regarding data management so they can abide by GDPR and to confirm that they are fit for purpose.

We want to ensure that you are and remain GDPR compliant and abide by the relevant regulations. Our Team can assist you with the below three main areas:

  • Secure document destruction
  • Document storage
  • IT disposal
Become GDPR Compliant

Proshred Limited has released informative videos to guide people in introducing and embedding GDPR into their organisation and ensure compliance.

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