By choosing Proshred LTD you will be able to destroy all the documents of your business whether they are confidential or not in a secure and cost effective way. Our goal is to safely destroy your confidential documents and provide solutions adjusted to your needs. We are responsible for the entire procedure from the collection to the shredding of the documents. Following the destruction of your documents we issue you a destruction and recycling certificate”

Why destroy your confidential documents:

  • It helps protect your reputation as it safeguards important information of your company as well as confidential information of your customers.
  • It can reduce the cost of managing information which are no longer useful, relevant or necessary for your business.
  • It contributes in complying with government regulations concerning destruction of information and recycling thus avoiding any possible sanctions and legal actions from your customers in case their personal data are leaked.
  • Increased productivity of your employees – by minimizing the time loss and ensuring that the staff are concentrated on their basic duties thus ensuring their productivity.